Returns Policy

This part of the policies will describe you the rules of returns for the orders that you previously performed. The Return Policy will expire a month after delivery, therefore, one must know whether they are qualified to demand a return. The quality of the product and services are such that our customers do not always ask for a return. Though sometimes it might happen due to any unexpected errors. Kindly read the following details to learn more.

We only accept the returns or refund when the receiver finds some kind of lacks, for instance,

  •  Wrong products in terms of count, quantity, or size
  •  Broken/leaked or expired products.
  •  The product itself, that is, product ordered and received was different.

Another issue could be when the delivery did not happen despite mentioning the correct and complete address including the PIN code. Whatever the case may be, the refund process will follow only after the investigation finds it out to be true.

We cannot acquire the refund requests if the consumer simply wants to return the product even though it was as perfect as expected. There can also be the case of a wrong postal address for which delivery process cannot be made successfully. If we discover that in the address section it was wrongly or incompletely written, we cannot accept your claims for refund. One has to make a new purchase in such sorts of cases.

Regardless of the issue, our users are demanded to contact our customer care to settle their concerns soon. The consumers should return back the goods in the exact manner they were received. Our customer care unit checks the genuineness of claims. Once found out to be correct, further procedures are served such as replacements or refunds. Our process is usually fast, and therefore, the money is refunded quickly in the reverse order of initial payment. Please note that this price does not include packing, handling and shipping charges that you might have spent extra for delivery. It only contains the actual cost of the product at the time of purchase.

Your Credit card company may need a few more days to reflect the refund amount in your account. This happens typically between 10 to 15 days. So, if you haven't received your money even though you waited for so long, please check with the concerned officials.


Cancellation is granted once only and within the first 24 hours or before the orders' dispatch, whichever is appropriate. This indicates that once the order is approved followed by the payment and the transportation has also been occurred, then the buyer won't be permitted to demand cancellation. Furthermore, if the cancellation has been performed once, another cannot be considered as said earlier. The customer has to make fresh orders if they want another product after cancellation. Order of the same order that was previously canceled is not allowed.

Kindly contact us for more information.