Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions or Terms of Use are there to state all the existing norms a user has to follow while visiting, browsing, or purchasing from our website www.sizzlingalary.com. If a user continues to use this site, we will assume that they agree with everything that is written here. If they do not agree with any of the given points, they need to leave the website immediately. Kindly read the following paragraphs to remain acknowledged.

The norms that are enclosed herein have the tendency to get modified or entirely changed without advance notice. Our users are expected to read these from time to time to avoid confusion or conflicts.

We allow only those to use our site who are at least 18 years of age, and the rest are considered as minors who are disallowed from using the website. If someone is not an adult and still wants to visit our site shall take their parents’ or guardians’ supervision. Also, make sure that your country allows the use of sites like ours that contains cosmetic products. If anything unexpected happens that happens to be against our or your country’s norms, you shall be held responsible and related consequences might occur.

Our products are carefully tested for suitability. These are used as over-the-counter and not to be considered as something that needs a medical prescription. Though a person may take their doctor’s advice if they are concerned about their physical health condition.

Our website contains lots of information in many ways, namely the products’ description, images, graphical colors, and so on. We ensure that there are no mistakes and all kinds of information are correct and complete. Yet we do NOT guarantee that it cannot have bugs at all. It might be possible that errors occur at times and that is beyond our control. Once detected we will be rectifying that soon.

We keep our consumers’ privacy well intact. We do this by making sure that their information is not circulated to any third party without their consent unless we have professional terms, such as our delivery partners to allow smooth and successful delivery. Moreover, we also encrypt the credit card details so that the original card number and other details are never revealed which are being shared when a consumer provides at the time of checkout.

We do not allow anyone to copy, distribute or share any of our site’s intellectual properties for personal or commercial use – logo, text, graphics, images, trademark – to name a few. If we find out anyone to act against our policies then one needs to be ready with related consequences.

We have the complete right to terminate anyone’s account without notice in advance if a particular account holder has done something wrongful. Post this action, the account holder cannot log in again and their most recent transactions will be canceled followed by the refund.

In case of any other kinds of conflicts, one can approach the Law and Order based in Singapore with the right evidence and witnesses. The court’s decision will be based on the existing protocols of Singapore, and so, it will have to be accepted by the involved parties whether or not it turns out to be in anyone’s favor.

For more details or queries, kindly contact us via email or contact number, OR write to us at the following postal address: