The cosmetic brand Papa Recipe has launched it baby care range of products that are slowly getting popular among customers. The brand believes in 100% skin-friendly ingredients and result oriented products.

The Baby Bubble Bath Shampoo is a very mild bubble bath for children which are rich in natural cleansing ingredients that are derived from plants. The foaming wash helps to moisturize the skin of the baby without causing any damage to the texture. It gives the required moisture to the skin and keeps the skin smooth and soft. As the ingredients are 100% natural, the bubble bath shampoo can be used on a daily basis as well. The Baby Bubble Bath Shampoo is free from paraben, mineral oil, artificial color, alcohol, TEA, artificial scent, benzophenone, sulfate, and fatty acid. The body shampoo gives out a calm and refreshing smell when applied. The texture of the wash is very light and transparent. Take quantity on a sponge and work up a good amount of lather. Apply it all over the body and gently rinse it off with lukewarm water. When using skin care products on babies, it is highly recommended that you work up enough lather so as to keep the skin of the baby safe.

Volume: 150 grams