The Bombee Lotion is a very effective lotion from the cosmetic house of Papa Recipe that was launched to give you best skin care. It is a pure whitening and brightening lotion that also shrinks the pores at the same time.

The Bombee Lotion is a face lotion that provides maximum moisture to the skin and hydrates the skin texture. The lotion also helps to moisturize the skin and provides enough hydration to the skin cells. It also helps in brightening the skin tone and reduces the dark patches and discolouration from the face. The main ingredient is organic propolis and honey extract which are used in many skin care products as it helps to treat acne and soothes redness in the skin and penetrates deep into the skin layers to soften the skin.  It is also known for relaxing the skin and tightens the pores in the skin. The Bombee Lotion absorbs well and easily into the skin without leaving any sticky feeling. The lotion also provides required moisture and controls the oil content on the skin keeping the skin fresh and radiant. It can be used on a daily basis and they are suitable for all skin types. Regular use of the lotion will help you to get the desired results. Wash your face and apply a small amount of the lotion on your face and massage well covering all areas. Rinse off in cold water and pat dry.

Volume: 150 millilitre