Facial skin is one of the most vulnerable parts of your body which is prone to damages. The care and attention it needs at all times are immense to retain and restore its health. Choose the best cosmetic products to have a young and fresh looking skin and Papa Recipe is the answer.

The Bombee Moist Sun Essence was launched in the market for both genders and it is one of the top products of the brand. This product takes up the role of  concealer or a primer that helps to cover all the wrinkles and other fine lines that appear on the facial skin. Moreover, it also helps to moisturize the skin and hydrate the skin cells. The Bombee Moist Sun Essence also soothes the irritated skin and removes the rough and dry skin from the face. It also reduces the discolouration and evens out the skin tone. The essence whitens and brightens the skin tone and gives an instant glow. The Bombee Moist Sun Essence is suitable for all skin types. This is one product that is very essential and a must have in every skincare routine. Apply the required amount of the primer on your face and gently massage in circular motion until well absorbed into the skin.

Volume: 60 grams