The skin care is the most essential routine in our daily life. The amount of stress and pollution that the skin comes across is numerous and can get damaged very soon. Keeping this mind, Papa Recipe has brought out the Pore Tightning Toner which helps to cleanse the skin from within and restore its health.

The Pore Tightning Toner is so called because it caters to 4 major sections of skin care that is toning, skin whitening, anti-ageing and moisturizing. The toner helps to clean the dirt from the pores and shrink the open pores. Moreover, it also helps to cleanse the texture of the skin from deep within and softens the rough and dry skin. It helps in providing the required hydration and moisture to keep the skin vibrant and fresh. Pore Tightning Toner helps to control irritation and redness from sensitive skin. It helps to reduce skin stress and moisturize the skin cells. The toner also provides a pH balance to the skin layers and prevents it from damages. Moreover, the toner helps to even out the skin tone and whitens the skin tone.  The Pore Tightning Toner also aids in skin moisturizing and restores the health of the skin. The toner also firms up the skin by increasing the skin elasticity. This product is a total must-have.

Volume: 100 Millilitre