The Trouble AC Bullet Spot is a must have in every purse and clutch. As its name implies, the spot cream gives a perfect looking clear skin at all ages. To have clear spot-free skin is not difficult to attain and is available right next to you. Just give in some of your time and see the difference.

The cosmetic brand Papa Recipe has always kept its customer’s satisfaction and contentment in mind while developing all the skin care products. Here, we have a spot cream that has been launched with the guarantee of providing you soft and clear skin. Trouble AC Bullet Spot helps to widen the skin pores and clears out all the dirt from it. It also helps in balancing the oil content and provides the required amount of hydration to keep your skin vibrant. The main ingredients of this cream are all natural ingredients which provide for better skin tone, reduces the wrinkles and fine lines, prevents dullness and refreshes the skin. They are also very similar to vitamin B3 which protects the skin from harmful rays. It also helps to soften and smoothen the rough skin. The spot cream moisturizes the skin and helps improve skin elasticity. It works well on normal skin textures. After cleansing, use the spot cream at the irritated areas and gently massage until well absorbed in the skin.

Volume: 15 Milliliters