When it comes to skincare, we usually tend to take it easy and not give much care. Skin needs a lot of attention and the right kind of products. Toners are the best way to start your daily skin care regime.

Toners are nothing but a watery lotion usually transparent that helps to get rid of all the dirt and other impurities from the face. The Trouble Ac Toner from the brand Papa Recipe is one of the most used and very popular among woman. It caters to the major sections of skin care that is cleaning, controlling and caring. The toner helps to clean the dirt from the pores and shrink the open pores. Moreover, it also helps to cleanse the texture of the skin from deep within and softens the rough and dry skin. This helps to keep the skin hydrated and fresh. It also gives in a natural glow and absorbs well into the skin. You can see visible results from the very first use and feel the radiance and freshness. Toners can be used in many ways either by dabbing with cotton buds or spraying onto the face. The best method is to use a toner after cleaning your face for effective results. Apply onto face with a cotton pad in a circular motion until the face is dry.

Volume: 200 Milliliter