This is a total outdoor sunscreen lotion that is suitable for all who enjoy outdoor activities and travelling. The sunscreen lotion is water resistant and lasts for the entire day. This is a very essential product as in today’s world most of us spend numerous amount of time outdoors and have very less time for skin care.

The UV Perfect Sun Shield SPF47 from the cosmetic brand Papa Recipe is a lotion that provides you with a refreshing and moisturizing feeling as you apply it. This is a sun gel rich in moisture that contains mineral spa water to give the required moisture and hydration benefits to the skin. Moreover, the sunscreen contains ingredients that give the benefit for skin is creamy in texture and maintains a soft texture without the greasy sheen. The SPF factor of the sunscreen is 47 which happens to be the most desirable and effective for human skin. The lotion protects the skin from the sun’s rays and other external factors that can cause damage to the skin. The main ingredient contains a good blend of natural and safe ingredients which are light and very refreshing to the skin. The sunscreen lotion helps to balance the skin tone and brighten the skin colour. It also helps to control excessive sebum and oil content from the skin. Take the required quantity and massage into skin evenly in a circular motion until it is well absorbed.

Volume: 100 grams