Are those ordinary makeup foundations creating a headache for you? Do you want to feel the new generation styling concepts? Then this is your time to switch to all new CC cushion snow light.
No more messy makeups, no fear of make-up fading and no fear of harmful chemicals. W Lab presents you the new intense action CC cushion which can embrace your skin without any damages and also act as a protective cover on the face to conceal the moisture. Too many chemicals can damage your skin. W Lab really cares about the customer and we do not use any harmful chemical products in the make of CC cushion snow light. Easy to carry container and also the good texture of the real snowy foundation will definitely please you to use it for young charming skin with a ton of glow. Added with special jewel dust to give a special glittering image to the skin along with whitening and wrinkle elimination agents. The product is completely manufactured foremost renewable natural resources. Innovative SPF 50+ PA ++ technology is a highlight of the product as it will eliminate the heat and provide a cooling effect for the skin.

•    Deep cleansing
•    Nongreasy texture
•    Easy to remove makeup

How to use?
Apply the cream on the base and spread on the skin surface.
Apply makeup over the foundation. Apply the makeup.
Use W lab products for removal.