W lab Lovely moisturizing face cream is clinically proven to improve the health of dry skin. Formulated with active naturals and rich emollients, this nourishing cream helps prevent and protect dry skin for a full 24 hours. As a skin protectant, active ingredient active naturals can help restore skin's normal pH and aid in the maintenance of the skin's moisture barrier to help to prevent and protect dry skin. This wonder cream leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and naturally healthy looking and is gentle enough for everyday use. This special product will act as a barrier between your skin and outside pollution. It is a light moisturizing cream which can be used as a foundation for applying makeup or can be used to nourish your skin as an overnight cream. Lovely moisturizing face cream contains added vitamins which are good for reducing stress. It also essential for sealing moisture in the skin keeping it hydrated and fresh at all times. By unlocking nature’s powers through scientific advances, Lovely face cream holds the key to nurture and transform skin and hair to an enhanced state of natural health and beauty. W Lab uses selected natural ingredients because of their advanced benefits and no animal bases are used. The natural ingredients uniquely formulated to deliver visible results.

•    Nourishing cream
•    Clinically proven to relieve dry skin
•    Moisturizes skin for a full 24 hours
•    Dermatologist recommended
•    Removes dead cells to reveal the fresh, radiant skin.

How to Use:
•    Apply an ample amount of cream and massage all over your face and neck using an upward, circular motion.
•    Leave on for 5-6 minutes and wipe off gently from the edges.
•    Clean skin with water after application.
•    Daily use for better results