An effective formula as a mandatory add-on to your makeup kit for perfect glowing skin.  W Lab Luminous Base Primer is a great example for multipurpose makeup base. Naturally antibacterial and effectively will be soothing and astringent your skin, moisturize and soften the texture. Provide a glow and blemish to the skin. Powerhouse with full of antioxidants, which is great for slowing down ageing. Also, it extremely moisturizes and soothes skin, so it helps create a glow. Active ingredient jewel powder will be creating a glow and silky cover on your face, allowing you to make your looks very cute. The unique solution is rich and dense, delicate and of soft texture. 100% skin friendly with no irritation and can be applied to any skin. Penetrates easily to inhibit cleansing activity and control melanin production and also retains the neutrality of the skin. Help reduce freckles and age pigments. Leaves skin white, hydrated and elastic. The active ingredients of this product reach deep in the skin, improving skin repair, and increase the nutrition of the skin. It also helps to restore the soft, smooth and delicate skin.

•    Reduces pores.
•    Anti-ageing
•    Repair after sun
•    Active Moisturizing and oil-control.
•    Easy to remove the base

How to use?
•    After cleaning the skin in the morning and at night, apply a little liquid of the essence spread gently on the face.
•    Apply regular makeup and feel the glow.
•    Use any mild makeup remover.