To have a protective cover on the skin for a whole day. Surprised! Yes, it's true, W lab has this special high potential Moisture foundation which will support you multipurpose and especially it will conceal the moisture of the skin and keep the skin supple soft. This product is formulated especially for oily and combination skin types. It creates a protective coating very gently, yet thoroughly and effectively to protect skin from excess oil generation and avoid blocked pores that are the No. 1 cause of acne. The foundation will create a good base for the makeup and will keep it firm for hours. The foundation will also protect the skin moisture and keep the skin supple soft. The special SPF formula will protect from harmful light radiations and prevent skin ageing. The base for the foundation is very neutral and skin friendly, that it will not create any harm to the skin. Use it daily and get visibly younger looking and radiant skin- get this right away. Gentle refining action uncovers skin's natural brightness for a younger-looking complexion. There is enough reason to buy this wonderful product as the product is highly recommended by famous brand stylists due to its unique specialities. Never mind those outdated chemical bases and switch to all new natural W Lab magic moisture foundation.

•    Strong firming agents.
•    Active nonsticky foundation
•    Moisture Protect capability.
•    Easy to remove.

How to use?
Apply a small layer of the foundation before make up.