W Lab presenting a refreshing water-based cream prepared with rare herbs. The multi-effect natural treatment for skin and eyes reduces which lines, helps swelling and dark circles. It keeps the skin fresh, hydrated and flexible. Does not contain parabens, filling fragrances or dyes. Its light composition fades delicately with the skin, creating a structure that protects it from superior moisture loss. The new and advanced formula of W lab emulsion Moisture Foundation Natural Beige for an extra fine finish skin. The foundation is very important for all kind of makeups.The foundation should be much skin friendly as it will stay on the skin for very long. Eliminating the negatives all normal chemical based foundations, this special foundation formulated with a unique formula of natural ingredients is beginning a new era in skin care concepts. By day your task is to protect from the harmful effects of the environment. Along with beautiful skin, it gives you relaxation from all worries of skin rashes or irritations. The foundation will keep nourishing and revitalizing your skin, based on collagen and anti-ageing technologies stimulate complex regeneration and protect the skin of the face. The regular use of the foundation reduces the amount and depth of wrinkles, increases the elasticity of the skin, and improves the contour of the eyes. Day after day, the skin is restored in depth, making it more elastic and dense.

•    Eliminates dry and demanding skin around the eyes
•    Enriched texture
•    Skin Regenerative
•    Skin Nourishing
•    Skin Firming

How to Use?
•    Apply on the skin as a normal foundation before applying makeup.