Frequent makeup, wind, rain, and changes in temperature can be a challenge for your skin. That's why you need more protection and care. W Lab presents you an intense skincare formula with Aloe Vera and vitamins make this cream immediately relieve the dryness of your skin, hydrating it intensively. The soothing booster formula contains Propolis extract, Honey extract, royal jelly extracts, Portulaca extract, Aloe vera leaf powder. The propolis will go deep into the epidermal cells and heal the ageing cells. Due to its antibacterial property, it also protects the skin naturally. The skin damage due to increased, heat and intense chemical bases are reduced very much.

Propolis is very gentle to the skin and it can be used with many cream bases. The added benefits of propolis and honey benefits will help to cure skin diseases and reduce skin wrinkles.

Gives more strength to the skin
Long duration skin glows
Reduced wrinkles

APPLICATION: Apply generously on the face and neck and let it dry.