W Labs presenting green tea extract enriched BB cushion with UV protection. The green tea extracts nourish and provide vitality to the skin. Thanks to the natural essential oils and vitamin enriched (Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E) with skin regenerative properties, just a few drops to provide the skin with nutrition and a radiant appearance. This is a top quality nourishing product that combines innovative areas of skin care with natural ingredients responsible for nutrition and hydration. In addition, it acts in a deep way, making the skin clean, softer, more velvety, radiant and luminous. It is also wonderful as an anti-ageing product because they regenerate cells, protect them and as they are natural they do not cover the pore. This product is completely free of water. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fatty acids. Its hydration effects are lasting, helps skin feel soft and tender. It is easily absorbed in the skin and leaves no greasy residue, being efficient protection against the loss of humidity and environmental pollution. It also softens dry areas and regenerates the skin to a balanced condition. Using it on a regular basis can minimize fine lines and facial wrinkles by up to 25%. So don’t wait, just buy it and feel the change.

•    Pamper the damaged skin
•    Moisturize the skin
•    Maintains skin pH
•    Non-allergic
•    Remove dark shades

How to use?
•    Wash your face with warm water and wipe with a fresh towel.
•    Apply the BB cushion evenly on the face with cotton.