Like a cake on your lips! W Lab waterholic Lipstick Real Red Lipstick is inspired by the colourful desserts and cakes that we love so much. Its creamy formula is light and long-lasting, it is also enriched with vitamin E to nourish your lips. Get a beautiful colour in a matte finish! Ready for a long-term commitment? With W lab waterholic Lipsticks you will achieve irresistible lips. Its long-lasting formula and smooth texture leave a perfect matte finish throughout the day and without leaving the sensation of dry lips. Everything has great pigmentation, without problems with commitment and a beautiful result on your lips. As the name implies it has good hydrants, which gives a wet and also opaque look to the lips. This lipstick lasts longer and provides a high content of colour pigments. It doesn’t have the disadvantage of making the lips look cracked and it can be used on lips of all sizes. We bring you all the most popular textures. They provide a creamier and glossier finish. Finally, you will get the sexiest lips with a lot of nourishment and with a quite natural way. We design your lips the best. We care your lips the best.
Shinier and more natural lips with W lab lip care products.

A  lipstick in matt finish.
Great pigmentation
Creamy formula and smooth texture.
Long duration.
Beautiful colors combine perfectly with any makeup.

How to apply?
Apply directly to the lips and spread even by joining lips together.
Finish the spread by applying on the contours.