White Cushion Blossom Beige with enormous benefits of unlimited vitamins.The no: 1 standard skin protection remedy from W lab for all types of skin. It is a storehouse of many resources which condition your skin and keep youthful and hydrated smooth in any climatic conditions. The pleasant aroma will make you feel the goodness of many fruit extracts which will please you to make this product apply directly to your skin to get the powerhouse benefits. The cream will stimulate cell regeneration and keep your body out of danger from continuous early maturing of skin cells and keep it young for many days.

More than anything, it will help you withstand any climatic conditions and help you prevent the impact of harsh climate directly on your skin. The main reason for the famous celebrities recommending this cream for the world is its advantages of intense care formula which embraces your skin and give protection against skin cracking and hardening. Its special skin softening agents retains the natural sensitivity of the skin and rejuvenate the new skin cells promoting youthful skin. The special and most highlighted feature of this special skin care cream is the presence of anti-wrinkle Essentials with MFDS  with skin whitening, wrinkle improvement, UV ray block SPF50+, PA+++ combined with the essence of vegetable native cells + oil rich in Omega 6. Together this product will take you to the next level of intense skin care and skin conditioning.

•    Fights premature skin ageing
•    Unlimited moisture to the skin.
•    Skin tightening and wrinkles reduction

How to apply?
•    Apply the cream directly on the skin and spread evenly.
•    Leave the cream to dry.