White Cushion Blossom Light Vitamin c skin protection mask is a continuation of the iconic treatments with vitamin C of the W lab. It is inclusive of fruity flavour with which its energizing effect begins at the same moment in which you apply it. In addition, it has immediate antioxidant, moisturizing and firming action. And it recovers the vitality of the skin, so it's perfect when you're tired and you need to have a good face. Due to harsh climatic conditions and pollution, your skin begins to lose its firmness and wrinkles are becoming more numerous and visible. The plant native cells are very powerful and known for their exceptional capacity for regeneration. For the 1st time, W Lab combines in Anti-wrinkle Essentials with MFDS on 3 functions (whitening, wrinkle improvement, UV ray block SPF50+, PA+++)  combined with the power of the vegetable native cells + oil rich in Omega 6 and rose water. The oil rich in Omega 6 formula nourishes the skin and special enzymes in rose water gives flexibility, stimulates its firmness and tones. Daily care that provides a global anti-ageing action against the visible signs of any age. The special SPF50+ and PA+++ formula gives active protection against hard UV exposure and protects skin from damages. Keeps the skin hydrated and live.

Reduces wrinkles in number and surface.
Nourishes the skin.
Strengthens facial contours and increases flexibility.

How to apply?
Apply the cream directly on the skin and spread evenly.
Leave the cream to dry.